Hi there!

I’m Rachel.
And I’m working on my first cookbook: Clean Eating Foodist.

But before I scare you off, this is a space where I can take a looser approach. I can share recipes I developed when I owned my specialty food shop, some of the dishes in development for the book, and the scrumptious things I feed my hubby on the daily. Don’t get me wrong… I do hope to broaden the conversation around nutrition and sourcing, but I will not be adhering to a strict ingredient list the way I do in the cookbook. That said, everything you find here will be nutrient-dense and gluten + dairy free!

What to Expect:

Uncomplicated food + other simple pleasures.

Each month there will be a couple tasty new recipes, pro tips, something seasonally specific, as well as highlighted ingredients, makers, links to interesting articles, etc.

Show your Support:

As one of the OGs of quarantine, I’ve been mostly housebound for 8 years because of a genetic disease called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, and from ME/CFS. There are currently no FDA approved drugs to treat them. Consequently, my annual medical costs are about 30k, because most of the therapies and regenerative medicine options available to me are not covered by insurance. My husband is a scientist working in the Biotech field, but we have no outside income so this is not sustainable. All donations from this newsletter are being saved for a bone marrow stem cell treatment.

By becoming a paid subscriber, you are making a direct contribution to my ongoing medical expenses, and offering a fellow human a hand up. Our gratitude abounds - x

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